Advance Water Technologies claims to be your most reliable solution partner. Our engineering team conducts a rigorous study on any issue related to water, including system designs, manufacturing, mounting on site, preparation of technical documents, cost analysis, feasibility, pilot plants with the main principle of quality, reliability;economy in every detail of engineering designs. Every project is designed and produced for a particular process.

Advance Water Technologies provides after sales services such as technical service on site, changing of replaceable or consumables in a system and training of the operating personnel in a facility is also available. Economic and reliable operation of the installed systems in a facility may be guaranteed by a periodic maintenance contract with us

Some Of The Fields Served

  • Units such as municipalities and villages for public drinking water facilities projects
  • Sea water to drinking water production plants
  • Problem-oriented water treatment plants for contaminated well water
  • Process water and special water preperation from brackish, surface or tap water
  • Water treatment plants for drinking and use of people for tourism facilities
  • Filtration and disinfection systems for the spring water bottling plants
  • Brackish water treatment and disinfection systems, scale removal from tap or brackish water for large residential areas
  • Removal of specific materials in water such as arsenic, iron, manganese, nitrate, boron etc..
  • Environment protectional applications such as wastewater and grey water recovery, rain water treatment systems
  • Instrumentation and automation applications in demand of remote monitoring and intervention of the water quality.
  • After sales services for systems, maintenance, technical service, supervisory, problem solving
  • Supply of consumables in a water treatment systems such as chemicals, filter cartridges, replacement parts for the equipments